Our Services
  1. Consulting
    Professional system consulting on audio, video, and lighting
  2. System Design
    Full system design from planning to construction and completion
  3. System Installation
    Pro-Audio, Stage Lighting, and Video Projection System Installations
  4. System Integration
    Professional integration of new technologies into existing systems


System Design

We have the experience to provide you with professional advice and direction in the ever-expanding and complicated worlds of pro-audio, stage lighting, and video projection.

We have seen acoustical design methods and multimedia technologies change and develop since 1977 and are able to guide you in making the right decisions for your project.

Not only will we help you in determining which system is best for you now, we will also assist you in future-proofing your set-up so that your system will continue to be a powerful tool for many years to come.

Rely on us to assist you in effectively communicating your message by providing the BEST SYSTEM at the BEST PRICE

We specialize in design/build projects in addition to providing pro-audio, stage lighting, and video projection system installations.

Experience in consulting, system design, acoustical analysis, and integration of modern technologies into existing systems allow Alpha to design a system which will be most appropriate for your needs.

Our in-depth consultations, site visits, and deep understanding of your system requirements give us the background knowledge necessary to complete your project on time and within budget.

Once the project is completed, our focus is placed on maintaining a long-term relationship with you, continuing with our professional service, knowledgeable staff, and updated product support.

System Installation

System Integration

Our primary focus is to provide the BEST "Electro Acoustic" sound systems, stage lighting, video projection systems and other electronic communications systems in the agreed specified time and within budget. With over 40 years of installation experience we continue to focus our energy into designing efficiently beautiful audio, lighting, and video systems for churches, high schools, and liturgical institutions. If you need assistance in developing captivating worship spaces, we can help.

Our drive is powered by helping people create quality sound, lighting, and video systems that draw on the talents of our Gulf Coast team members. Alpha's technical installers along with our business departments function harmoniously to provide rationally designed systems, installation excellence, and products from manufacturers with a proven history of quality and service.

Our system installations are a key part of the heart of Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. Our consulting, design, and installation teams are committed to meeting your needs. Our team of system installers takes pride in their work and will insure that all equipment is working properly, is safely installed, and that you are completely satisfied with the system.

All system installations are checked, tested, and tuned to insure all equipment is in working order and that all levels are adjusted correctly. At Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. you will know our job is done when you see and hear the efforts or our labor.

With the leadership of President John Virden, the Vice President and Engineer, Mike Evans, associate employees, and the support of our families, Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. continues to grow and develop with each new project. We always deliver on our promise to make your pro-audio, stage lighting, and video projection system installations exactly how you envisioned them. What started out as a small sound requirement needing to be filled has developed into a complete industry.

With over 40 years of experience in designing, engineering, and installing Church Sound Reinforcement Systems, ALPHA will help you get the BEST packages at the BEST price!

We focus on providing complete professionally integrated systems into your existing installed system. The integration services will be fully customized to meet the pro-audio, stage lighting, and video projection requirements of your choosing. Our system installers have the knowledge and experience to develop the system you require, from basic system designs to complex engineered integration solutions.

We can also integrate a variety of electronic communication turnkey solutions which will effectively announce your message to your congregation and/or group. Alpha's team of expert installers will be involved with the project from planning, to design, to implementation, and completion. Any scheduling issues, design changes, or other project concerns will be addressed as they arise to minimize any delays in the integration process.

Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. will provide a professional evaluation when visiting your facility to determine your system requirements. Once we have determined your requirements, we will layout a plan using specific design standards gathered throughout the planning process.

By establishing our reputation on helping clients plan and integrate small and large scale projects, Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. is able to transition from consulting, to design, to integration, and installation with little performance loss. By controlling the processes of system integration for our clients, Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. is able to consistently deliver integrated systems on time and within budget.